About Us.

Rocket Team Africa

Swisscoin is here for everyone to capitalize on, whether your an experienced miner, or a complete novice.

Swisscoin as a company handles all the mining process to generate the coin and they handle the distribution of mined coins,what you as a member need to do, is just do decide how many coins will you aquire, and at what price will you sell then for? How big do you want your profit to be?

If you want to participate just as an investor you will profit from the huge value increasement we will experience, and profit at the time you decide to sell, or you can chose to also work with swisscoin and promoting the coin.

If you do so, you will be rewarded by company with cash commissions and more tokens to aquire more swisscoins.

What is required by me to earn comissions??
- That I share the information and knowledge I have about swisscoin and cryptocurrency, for others to benefit from this as well, this can mean anything from inviting others to learn more about Swisscoin through our groups, or it can mean that you take the responsibility of leading a team, hosting local meetings to educate more people, live events to support everyone and much more, You decide your own participation, and company will reward you correctly after.

There are three ways to make money.